12 Luxurious Chandeliers

Swarovski Crystal Trimmed Chandelier! Crystal Chandelier

When you think of chandeliers all you can think of is luxury. Chandeliers are synonymous to luxury and chicness. They not only illuminate the room but also add a look of richness to it. I personally love chandeliers and all sorts of decorative lights and this is one of the reasons why today I am […]

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12 Modern Style Rugs

Persian-Rugs 5 Feet x 7 Feet- Area Rug Modern Carpet, Gray

Rugs have the ability of making any room look a hundred times better or worse, if the choice of rug is wrong. So it is crucial that you get the right type of rug for a specific room, the right colour, the right design and the right shape and size. One type of rugs with […]

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